2000 – 2021

Our Intellectual Property

Interactive applied theories and methodologies, registered as intellectual property for us:

  1. Puzzle Theory for smart investment, number: 740/4/2003

  2. Lego Theory for smart investment, number: 741/4/2003

  3. Networking Theory for smart investment, number: 742/4/2003

  4. Developed Big  Picture Methodology, number: 682/3/2008

  5. Developed Branching Thinking Methodology, number: 681/3/2008


  1. Development of a special computer program to assess entrepreneurial projects, in initial comprehensive screening before doing the feasibility study, called “EPAS”, consisting of 90 criteria.

  2. Providing support and direction to a large number of entrepreneurial projects, specifically technology and smart applications projects.

Business Incubators

  1. Establishment of special business incubator with a new innovative concept 20 years ago .. using capital of $150k, and around $500k projects.

  2. Development of a computer program to assess incubators according to well studied criteria, in cooperation with “Impact MENA” company, Jordan.

Transfer of International Experience

Foundation of the “Smart Businesses House” company in 2007, with capital of $50k, and assets value of $80k in Malaysia, specialized in transferring the Malaysian experience and how to nationalize technology and protect technological inventions

Developmental Programs

  1. “Before you sail ” program, addressed to secondary school and pre-university students .. public and registered as an intellectual property with number: 1197/5/2002.
  2. “Management of Entrepreneurial Projects” program, addressed to entrepreneurs of university students in last year, registered as a trade mark number: 75569.

Artificial Intelligence

Foundation of the first Arabic company in 2000 specialized in artificial intelligence supported by advanced physics and mathematics equations, to diagnose heart diseases quickly, easily, and accurately .. The company is named “International Center for Expert Systems”, with capital of $300k, and products with market value up to $5 million.

Distressed Projects

Helping a number of troubled companies in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, by working on increasing their competitive advantages, overcoming financial stumbles, and expanding their markets. The value of these companies ranged between $1 million to $6 million.  

Projects Growth Hacking

For companies in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, with business growth rate between 30-45% annually. Financial results exceeded $3 million. We provided that as consulting services, in addition to a number of ideas and directions that were provided remotely to developmental projects and programs.

Business Development

  1. “Re-Insurance / ReTakaful” project, with PwC international company / Jordan, with the value of $250 million.
  2. A project for business development and reputation rebuilding for Horwath international company / Jordan, in the GCC region.
  3. Business and market development for research and entrepreneurship centers in Jordan.

Facts & Figures

  1. Twenty years of giving, experimenting, and experience, in various areas and diverse projects.
  2. We have twenty consultants in difference disciplines, to cover our various services.
  3. Fifteen countries in which we exist currently, three of which where we have direct presence, and the remainder through our strategic partners, and the list is growing.
  4. We provided hundreds of hours of free consultation to charity associations, start-up projects, or developmental youth programs, as well as motivational courses, in addition to a large number of developmental or innovational ideas for entrepreneurial projects, qualitative products, or managerial; commercial; and marketing problems.