Innovation is the wealth of the 21st century, and thinking is the beginning of change and the core of our integrated services 

Thinking Power & Change

Using the “Big Picture and Branching Thinking”:


  • Through both, we develop “thinking methodology” for elite, leaders, and organizations.
  • Through both, we develop ideas for projects, programs, initiatives, and change drivers.
  •  Through both, we innovate radical solutions for problems and crises.

Business Development

Employing our methodology of thinking , diverse expertise, and extended relationships in:

  • Development of projects (entrepreneurial, small, and medium).
  • Establishing and developing business incubators with a different developmental approach.
  • Maximizing business results, profitability, and geographical spread.

Innovation & Technology

Contribution in specific sectors, for achieving human happiness and welfare:


  •  Assessment and development of innovations, researches, and technologies.
  • Investment in qualitative inventions and advanced technologies.
  •  Offering technical and technological advice and related to intellectual property.

Utilizing All  Resources

Utilizing and capitalizing on capabilities of individuals, organizations, and countries with a new approach, for:


  • Contributing to and supporting transformation and effecting change.
  • Producing feasible projects with developmental impact.
  •  Strengthening the concept of integration and sharing Economy. 

 Impact Investing

Employing the above-mentioned services, so that we:


  • Developing plans for countries and organizations, and drawing the developmental path according to the UN developmental agenda 2030.
  •  Enforcing the concept of impact investing in societies, as well as organizations and investors.

Specialized Training

To increase effectiveness of leaders and efficiency of production, and for maximizing outcomes, we train on:



  • Developed big picture.
  • Developed branching thinking.
  •  Rules for effective execution.
  • Specialized programs for our experts.