We are proud of our list of experts and consultants on the regional and international levels, who exceed 20 experts in all important specializations … the most prominent are:

Prof. Khair s Jadaan

International expert in road engineering and measuring development impacts

Highly recognized professional with global and local expertise in transportation-related   engineering   projects, studies planning and management for governments, international and local organizations, Visiting Professor at several famous international universities. An expert of  measuring developmental impacts for projects. Has worked with many arabic, regional and international companies. He has prepared and supervised a number of studies, researches and graduation projects with more than 250 publications in the field of road and transport engineering.

Prof. Khair has Applied the Industrial Revolution  4.0 (4IR) and Artificial Intelligence technologies such  as Artificial Neural Network, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Big Data in the same field of his expertise.

  • Supply consulting services that provide transformational and sustainable enhancements to the regional and global community.
  • Provide a standard of  engineering  service  quality  that  fits  the  long  term  plans  of  the  development  of  countries  in  the  local  MENA  and North Africa region.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of four International Scientific Journals ( Two in the USA, one in Italy and one in Hungary).
  • Member of the Evaluation committee for prize winning research (Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science).
  • Senior engineering consultant with the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) in Kuwait for 12 years..
  • Provided advisory services to the United Nations, ESCWA and UNICEF (Jordan & Geneva) and COMCEC (Turkey)..
  • National Consultant for UN Projects in Jordan.
  • Advisor to : Amiri Diwan, Supreme Traffic Council , Ministry of interior (Kuwait) And Minister of Transport and Minister of Municipalities (Jordan).
  • Extensive Experience in the areas of sustainable development, Artificial intelligence, Environmental impact Assessment (EIA), Traffic Impact Analysis, and Value Engineering.

Prof. Mohammad Saidam

Water & Sustainable Development Expert

Senior Researcher and Executive Director for the Sectors of Applied Sciences – Water, Environment, Energy and Sustainable Buildings – Royal Scientific Society / Jordan and a member of the Group of Independent Scientists and Experts – United Nations – Global Sustainable Development Report (2016-2019 )

 Providing scientific advice to decision-makers in the public and private sectors in designing sustainable development plans to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

• Providing scientific and technical consultations in the field of water and wastewater and its reuse.

• Supervises linking impact investment projects and their results with sustainable development at the level of countries and organizations.

• Evaluating and developing projects with a developmental dimension, directing them and linking them with the state’s development plans.

Prof. Saad Abu Qudais

Engineering Consulting Expert 

Highly recognized professional with extensive expertise in traffic environment engineering  projects, impacts assessment, research and management of change for governments, international and local organizations 

  • Head of Engineering and Nano-Technology Research Committee at Scientific Research Support Fund (Jordan).
  • Create success stories through advisory in impact investing projects.
  •  A certified Trainer in Management of Change, Leadership, Debating and Presentation Skills, and Training of Trainers.
  • Provide research and consultation in the area of pavement Materials, design and Maintenance, Traffic and Environmental engineering, and Impacts Assessment.

Prof. Farqad Alhadeethi

Chemical Engineering & Corrosion Expert

Full Professor and Senior Researcher 

  • Conducting researches, leading research teams and supervising postgraduate students in the field of producing, purifying, storing and utilizing Green Hydrogen as a source of energy.
  • Conducting researches, leading research teams and supervising postgraduate students in the field of corrosion engineering.
  • Teaching various engineering subjects in the field of specialization at the universities for both undergraduate and post graduate levels.
  • Providing technical consultations to solve corrosion problems at various commercial and industrial activities (i.e. oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, canning, electric power stations, water pumping stations, water treatment, ports, buildings,  ship, aircraft, and car).
  • Providing technical training courses in the field of corrosion and corrosion control for engineers working at various industrial activities to enhance and upgrade their abilities in understanding the mentioned phenomenon.

Prof. Mashhour Bani Amer

Intelligent Sensors & Systems Expert

He holds a PhD in Intelligent Sensors and Systems, owns ten patents, developed many intelligent products and published more than hundred scientific papers in well recognized international journals and conferences. He received many international awards.

  •  Has a diverse skill-set in designing and developing of intelligent systems, application of artificial intelligence and cell phones in healthcare, teaching, and home equipment
  •  Real implementation (Hardware + Software) of artificial intelligence in medical devices and systems, home equipment, cars, planes, industrial systems, etc.
  •  More than 20 years’ experience of intelligent systems design and development
  • Big experience in development of smartphone-based intelligent sensors and devices.
  •  Solid experience in upgrading conventional tools, devices, equipment and machines into intelligent ones.
  • Long experience of leading innovative projects and conversion of creative ideas into real intelligent products.

Prof. Abdel Mutti Assaf

Organizational Management and Development And Governance Expert

He holds a PhD in Public Administration, an expert and practitioner in consulting sector and organizational development, organizational capacity assessment and governance. Achieved quality and excellence awards in the government, private sectors and society organizations. Worked in top positions academically and in international companies. Has a proven track record of achievements, consultations and training. Has tens of researches, books, and master’s and doctorates degrees under his supervision.

  • Director, Advisory Services, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Jordan.
  • Director, Advisory Services, Horwath (Crew – now) Jordan.
  • Expert of organizational development and strategic planning, Arab Consultants for Engineering & Management.
  • Worked in Jordanian universities at management and leadership positions.
  • Strategic planning assessment and organizational capacity assessment for several organizations and authorities.
  • Designing and building governance regulations, internal regulations, organizational structures and human resource systems.
  • Member in Advisory Committee for Developing Governmental Organizations for King Abdullah Award for Performance Excellence Award, Royal Bureau, Amman-Jordan.

Bilal Fatoom

Consultant in Public Relations, Reputation and Corporate Communication

An expert and practitioner in the field of Public Relations, Reputation and Institutional Communication during many years of leadership and executive positions in public and media institutions and companies, and making strategic projects in public relations and corporate media

  •  Consulting in building & establishing and developing public relations and media departments in Private and charitable Organizations
  • Preparing.

        – strategic plans, development, and institutional strategic visions

        – documents for establishing training information centers

        – informational, administrative and technical training guides

  • Preparing, designing and managing plans for conferences, local and international forums.
  • Authoring of 5 books on conferences, public relations and media, corporate reputation making, corporate communication, and management.

Osama Abu Bahaa

Private Equity & Venture Capital Expert

Highly accomplished professional holding senior management and executive positions in private equity investment, venture capital, business transformation, strategic planning and Accelerating Commercialization.

  • Provide proficient, effective and impactful support to business owners/ executive management to deal with financial, operational, technological and strategic challenges
  • Support business owners, executive management and decision makers to deal with complex problems and high-risk turbulent situations through “SURVIVE, GROW and SUSTAIN” (SGS) Transformation Approach.
  • Enhance the business value of Private Equity and Venture Capital investments.
  • Build sustainable business to fit for future and protect the family business legacy.