Projects & Investments

All projects that we present here, either ours or that we incubate or belonging to our partners that we recommend for investment, are distinguished projects with high monetary return and deep developmental dimension.

Our projects, whether they are under development or under preparation, possess unique characteristics and added values that make them competitive projects with high opportunities to excel.

Projects Under Progress

Our goal to create and develop innovative medical systems by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) concepts and electrophysiology principles. We believe that the cardiac expert systems innovated by our team will revolutionize the non-invasive medical diagnosis approach since there is a pressing need for an additional diagnostic indicator that could aid physicians in the Emergency Department and other acute care settings in more accurately screening, diagnosing and following up cardiac events. SUNDOS in the business of commercializing its breakthrough medical technology systems for the medical market.

MID System: This model-based software program (MID) is designed to aid the physician’s decision-making process in non-invasively, accurately and rapidly diagnosing Myocardial Ischemia and assessing its severity based on ECG manifestations ONLY other than the conventional ST-T wave changes.

is a creative digital production studio creating high quality products and visual experiences. Using the latest Extended Reality (VR, MR and AR) tools to add value to business, education, training and more.

Projects under preparation

A special investment portfolio for highly distinguished and profit technical projects, through a novel developmental investment concept.

Acts as a science, technology, and research bridge, by connecting various relevant parties within a known geographical extent and for defined goals.

We incubate and adopt projects with specific attributes, most importantly contribution to solving one or more global problems, having a deep developmental effect, and being of high financial feasibility … whether these projects are based on applied research, innovative ideas, inventions, or advanced technologies.

  • Metal Corrosion Detecting Device & Treating
  • Hydrogen & Energy Saving
  • Producing Water from Air

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  • Autism Treatment
  • Viral Diseases Treatment
  • Treatment of Diseases by Stem Cells
  • Prevention & Treatment By Medical Egg

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A sample of existing distinguished projects for our partners, that we recommend for serious investment to achieve quick growth and high market value.

  • Digital Currency .. New Approuch 
  • Liquid organic fertilizer 5X1
  • Waste recycling project with nanotechnology.
  • Other variety of opportunities (Projects) ..

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