Who we are

Sundos.. for innovation and development … a developmental investment consulting company, established in 1999 with a new concept. (About Us >>)

Sundos … created a modern developmental model with a developed thinking and work methodology as the pinnacle of the fruits of its accumulated experiences and expertise for more than 21 years, aiming at realizing the aspirations and needs of the region, in terms of advancement, development, and prosperity.

Sundos .. specialized in developing projects, organizations, and societies, and enabling them to achieve qualitative tangible outcomes, through productive utilization and impact investing of ideas, capabilities, abilities, inventions, applied research, and advanced technologies.

Sundos .. provides consultation and services out of several offices in different countries, and through (A team of professionals >> ) and ( A team of senior consultants and international experts..>>).

Sundos .. focuses on:

  • Development of companies’ businesses, competitive ability, and geographic extension.
  • Evaluation and improvement of qualitative entrepreneurial projects, distinguished innovations, and advanced technologies … in order to invest in them.
  • Management of regional and international and official grants in order to enhance their productivity and developmental impact.
  • Assisting governments in plotting their developmental path in the way that achieves UN goals for sustainable development 2030, as suitable for the culture and special circumstances of each society.


Innovation is the wealth of the 21st century, and thinking is the beginning of change and the axis (core) of our integrated services … our thinking methodology is the point of uniqueness:

Thinking Power & Change

Using the “Big Picture and Branching Thinking”:

  • Through both, we develop “thinking methodology” for elite, leaders, and organizations.
  • Through both, we develop ideas for projects, programs, initiatives, and change drivers.
  •  Through both, we innovate radical solutions for problems and crises.

Business Development

Employing our methodology of thinking , diverse expertise, and extended relationships in:

  • Development of projects (entrepreneurial, small, and medium).
  • Establishing and developing business incubators with a different developmental approach.
  • Maximizing business results, profitability, and geographical spread.

Innovation & Technology

Contribution in specific sectors, for achieving human happiness and welfare:

  •  Assessment and development of innovations, researches, and technologies.
  • Investment in qualitative inventions and advanced technologies.
  •  Offering technical and technological advice and related to intellectual property.


Three economic drivers and levers that aim at results based impact and creating tangible change, that work through the concepts and principles of smart investment, participatory economy, innovative production, impact investing, etc., that we present in realistic form that can be improved, augmented, reproduced, transformed, etc.


Have you ever thought one day how to make researches, inventions, and advanced techniques as economic and developmental levers with high impact and benefit?? We did ..

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Have you ever thought one day how resources, capabilities, and ideas can be capitalized upon in useful projects that benefit the largest possible number of beneficiaries? We did ..

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Have you ever thought one day how to effect change with the least possible contributions and efforts from experts and specialists, and by changing the methodology of thinking for influencers? We did ..

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All projects that we present here, either ours or that we incubate or belonging to our partners that we recommend for investment, are distinguished projects with high monetary return and deep developmental dimension.


They have been selected carefully according to requirements of the next stage, based on specialization and professionalism, most importantly:


We are proud of our list of experts and consultants on the regional and international levels, who exceed 20 experts in all important specializations … the most prominent are:

Prof. Khair Jadaan
Global Engineering Consulting Expert

Prof. Mohammad Saidam
Water & Sustainable Development

Prof. Saad Abu Qudais
traffic engineering & impacts assessment

Prof. Farqad Alhadeethi
Chemical Engineering , corrosion & hydrogen

Prof. Mashhour Bani Amer
Intelligent Sensors and Systems

Prof. Abdel Mutti Assaf
Organizational Management

Bilal A. Fatoom
Reputation & corporate communication

Osama. Abu-Baha'
Private Equity & Venture Capital


More than 60 clients and success stories in different fields and specialties for entrepreneurial companies, SMEs and large.