About Us

( Sundos Rising Journey )

  • Yesterday’s Sundos:

Sundos was established in 1999 with the concept of business incubators but in a new, different view, which got matured through an elite cream of master experts and thought leaders and distinguished youth. Our objective was: to create an effective and productive modern model that’s suitable for and interacts with our culture and civil legacy, and the society needs and future aspirations .. and to achieve this objective, our company included by then four independent and integrated units with different tasks:

  • “Human Skills Engineering” Unit

Tasked with effecting change through training and creating meaningful developmental programs.

  • “Advanced Technology and Applied Research” Unit

Tasked with effecting change through researches and technology.

  • “Project Management and Entrepreneurship” Unit

Tasked with effecting change through entrepreneurship and qualifying entrepreneurs.

  • “Innovation and Creativity” Unit

Tasked with effecting change through creativity, innovation and inventions.

  • Sundos .. Maturity of Experience:

Twenty years of innovation, development, experimenting, maturing, practicing, and improvement, that we combated in several sectors and fields in: incubators and entrepreneurship, protection of innovation and inventions, advanced technology, meaningful developmental programs, societal initiatives, ideas and projects assessment and improvement, training and consulting.

  • Sundos .. and Advanced Technology:

To reinforce our experience in the area of applied research and advanced technology, we established a company named “The International Center for Expert Systems, LLC” in 2000 in Jordan, as the first Arabic company specialized in research and development of artificial intelligence programs and systems in diagnosis of heart diseases. We worked also in several technology projects: Motion Capture, 3D Animation, Image Processing, etc.

  • Sundos .. Successful Experiments:

In order to strengthen our experience in the field of integrative approach and good utilization of resources, nationalization of technology and inventions, and best capitalization closely of distinguished aspects of the Malaysian experience, we established the “Smart Business Home, LLC” company in Malaysia in 2007, and benefiting from the most prominent experts who participated in Malaysia renaissance in technical and developmental ways.

  • Sundos Today

Our second launch started on 1/1/2021 with new slogan “Thinking .. Core of Change”,. And with next objective: Contributing to creating change, through integrated qualitative services and three Drivers for Change, which will act together on:

  1. Providing effective and practical developmental solutions, that contribute to our renaissance, as individuals, organizations, and societies, in order to cope with the current age and get ready for the future.
  2. Utilizing and capitalizing on our various resources and capabilities in a smart, developmental, and effective way.


Eng. Abdelrahim Taha:

Founder – CEO


  • 25 years of experience in developing business, organizations and innovations.
  • Expert in changing the methodology of thinking of individuals Leaders and organizations.
  • Expert in building and developing ideas and projects with the “Big Picture-Developed” methodology, and “Branching Thinking- Developed ” methodology.
  • Partner in several companies and an investor in technology and development projects .

Naser Etma

Financial Expert and External Auditor


35 years’ experience in accounting and finance.A private financial advisor and external auditor for the Company, its branches, and affiliated companies and projects.

Eng. Mohanad Taha

Business & Operation Manager – VCEO


32 years of experience in business , Operation  & facilities   management, achievement follow-up,  and supervision of work teams , customers relationships and achieving  best results.

Worked in several companies in Jordan, Kuwait and UAE.

Mai Al- Heet

Grants and funding management expert and financial best practices.


30 years of experience in financial management, grants management, financing and international project monitoring and review. She has worked as a grants manager on large EU aid and development projects in Jordan, Yemen and the Middle East countries. And a former official in JEDCO Jordan Fund, she is an expert in practicing (IFRS) standards, establishing project implementation units, business planning and developing costs reduction strategies.

Anas Al-Wahidi

Extended Reality Expert


9 years of expertise in 3D animation, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

Co-founder and Executive Director at “Siraj Studios” company


Dr. Salah Al-Din Badran,

Digital signal processing, Electronics and Academic research Expert


19 years of academic and administrative experience.

Dr. Badran received his B.Sc. degree in Microelectronics Engineering from Technical University of Sofia. He obtained his MPhil degree from De Montfort University in Digital Speech Processing (DSP). He obtained his PhD degree from De Montfort University, Leicester, uk, in Blind Source Separation (BSS). His research interests include Blind Audio Source Separation, Speech Coding and Artificial Intelligence. He is the founder of Smart Ever Organization in Istanbul-Turkey, and the director of the www.irtes.org platform for international conferences of research, technology, engineering and science.

Feras Abu Qtam :

Business development and community initiatives expert


Business Developer, expert in building capacity of civil society organizations and managing non-profit and community projects. In addition to his experience in measuring the developmental impact of projects, developing institutional work and development initiatives.

Certified trainer in the field of promoting community values and transforming them into projects.

Belal Fattom

The company’s consultant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Public Relations, Reputation and Corporate Communication Expert


25 years of experience in the field of Public Relations, Media, Reputation and Corporate Communication. Developer of corporate reputation, public relations and media strategies.

Raed Sila 

The company’s consultant in Turkey.

Marketing and sales Expert


25 years of experience in marketing and sales management in multinational pharmaceutical companies;

6 years of experience in developing training programs to build capacity and enhance the competency of individuals, leaders and organizations.

Farouk Salem

The company’s business coordinator in Canada.

International partnerships and Capacity building for local organizations Expert.


He holds dual BSc degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration, as well as MSc degree in Teaching Methods of Administrative Sciences.

35 years vast experience in Training and Development, management of humanitarian relief projects, and capacity building of Civil Society Organizations to become partners with United Nations Organizations, in fields of awareness, education, water and environmental development. He is dependable in carrying surveys, assessments, questionnaires and projects evaluation