About Us

In 1999, i.e. 21 years ago, Sundos company was established in Jordan as a business incubator with new concept. It worked in cooperation with innovative youth, university students, and local, regional, and international experts, on building its own philosophy, and a developed methodology for thinking. Over years, Sundos experience and expertise have matured through 4 specialized units that cover several areas (e.g. incubators and entrepreneurship; development of projects, ideas, programs, and developmental initiatives; and applied research and advanced technology … which included public, private, and charity sectors), in Jordan and Gulf countries specifically. In addition:

1. The company has registered intellectual property for 5 methodologies for working in the area of utilizing innovation and creativity, and investment of resources and ideas, alteration of thinking methodologies, and also developed a number of traditional tools and utilities along with associated technologies.

2. Worked for governmental and supreme authorities, with international companies, and developed business for entrepreneurial projects and small and medium companies.

3. Established the first of its kind company in the Arabic world in 2000 in the field of Artificial Intelligence, for diagnosis of heart diseases and ischemia, the “International Center for Expert Systems”, employing unprecedented mathematical equations and biophysics.

4.Established in 2008 the “Smart Business House” in Malaysia, to transfer and institutionalize technology and protect innovations.

Today, 21 years later, our company arrives (through its branches and representatives) to what we see the composite most suitable for our region (Middle East and North Africa, and developing countries), where the six elements of our composite, that represent our area of specialization and the services we provide for the purpose of effecting positive transformation and creating change and supporting development of individuals, organizations, and societies in our region, are:

Alteration of the thinking methodology – Utilization of the power of ideas – Development of businesses and ideas – Utilization of resources, capabilities, and abilities – Utilization of productive applied research and quality innovations and advanced technologies – Impact investing and reinforcement of sustainable development.

From here our second launch has sparked … please get to know us closely.

Eng. Abdelraheem Taha

Founder & CEO


  • A specialized consultant in building and developing ideas and projects Methodologies of “Big Picture Developed” and “Branching Thinking Developed”.
  • He has registered five applied methodologies as intellectual property in the field of creativity management, utilization of capabilities and smart investment.
  • Some of his main expertise are:
  • Developing the thinking methodologies of leaders and influential elite, in order to effect positive change and qualitative transformation.
  • Development of ideas and problem solving in organizations, through stimulation of workers’ effectiveness.
  • Utilization of capabilities, resources, and various abilities in meaningful productive and developmental projects.
  • Activating leaders and strengthening their capacities by training them on the concept of “ Big Picture Developed”.
  • Evaluation of ( thinking methodology and creativity capabilities ) for companies and organizations of different specialties.
  • Has developed many specialized programs and social developmental initiatives in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.
  • Summarizing studies and plans and into comprehensive infographics.
  • Founding partner for many companies inside and outside Jordan and in Arabian region and internationally.
  • Worked – previously – as part-time consultant for several entities: governmental, sovereign, commercial and business men in Saudi Arabia.
  • An associate expert in the workshops for the league of Arab states specialized in technology, innovation and creativity.
  • A developer of ideas and projects for international companies ( Pwc ، Horwath-Crow ، Franklin Covey ، Ecovis ).


  • An expert instructor for training on:


  • The “Big Picture/ Developed” Methodology and its applications in developing ideas and businesses ( for-profit and non-profit organizations).
  • The 4 Disciplines of Execution and effective production..for a productive, harmonic, consistent and active team.
  • Utilizing “Big Picture/ Developed” methodology and “Branching Thinking/Developed” methodology in building sustainability and achieving renaissance.


  • Development of ideas and problem solving in organizations, through stimulation of workers’ effectiveness.
  • Evaluation of entrepreneurs’ and innovators’ problems and developing solutions for them, and assessment of their methodology for thinking, to modify it and motivate them.
  • Establishment and management of business incubators, and innovation and creativity departments in organizations of different specializations.
  • Management by infographics, and transforming plans and strategies into motivating infographics.

Email : Ceo@sundos.net