Dr. Abdelraheem Abdel Wahed

Arab & International Media Expert

Master of Laws, Master of Political Science, MA and PhD in Journalism.

  •  Media and advertising development consultant, programs and plans for the governmental level in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and Arab region countries.
  • Providing media consultancy, planning and implementation of special media and advertising programs and campaigns in the fields of tourism, higher education, and international trade and industry.
  • Organizing, implementing, publishing, following up and covering dozens of international conferences in the economy, in tourism, education and politics in many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Writing, issuing, publishing and distributing many publications in Arabic, English, Russian and Malay languages, for Arab and non-Arab political and development leaders who have contributed to real achievements on the ground and served their countries and their nation.
  • Carrying out all media activities of all kinds, mainly in Arabic and English. 
  • Comprehensive experience with a chronological of about 40 years, specifically in writing, blogging, editing and professional journalistic content for many Arab and non-Arab media organizations.