Prof. Mashhour Bani Amer

Intelligent Sensors & Systems Expert

He holds a PhD in Intelligent Sensors and Systems, owns ten patents, developed many intelligent products and published more than hundred scientific papers in well recognized international journals and conferences. He received many international awards.

  •  Has a diverse skill-set in designing and developing of intelligent systems, application of artificial intelligence and cell phones in healthcare, teaching, and home equipment
  •  Real implementation (Hardware + Software) of artificial intelligence in medical devices and systems, home equipment, cars, planes, industrial systems, etc.
  •  More than 20 years’ experience of intelligent systems design and development
  • Big experience in development of smartphone-based intelligent sensors and devices.
  •  Solid experience in upgrading conventional tools, devices, equipment and machines into intelligent ones.
  • Long experience of leading innovative projects and conversion of creative ideas into real intelligent products.